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What is vintage?

Everyone knows the term vintage, right? But what does the word vintage actually mean? Usually the word vintage is used to describe something that is too old to be acknowledged as modern and not old enough to be called antique. You could also possibly say  “heavy used” or out of style with a huge potential of a comeback. There are also a lot of synonyms for vintage like retro for example. Retro is often used to say that something is “vintage inspired”.

When is something considered to be vintage?

There are lots of debates over whether or not an item is vintage. Some enthusiasts say that  something as young as around thirteen years old is vintage, whereas others require (like a popular eCommerce platform) an item to be at least twenty years old for it to be considered vintage; however there is no legal definition of the term.

Vintage refers to a lot of old-fashioned things like an out-of-date Computer or even an old-time drawing. There is even high quality vintage wine made out of specially harvested grapes. Wines even have special vintage years. You probably already tasted one during the happy hour of your favorite bar or restaurant. The grape-gathering and wine-making for vintage vine differs a bit from the usually produced wine, but we will not go into detail here just yet. There is plenty of other vintage stuff. Lets talk about timeless vintage cars! There are so many of them, just take the Ford T Model Coupe as an example – what a lovely car!

Nearly everything can be vintage, the range goes from clothes, clocks and jewlery to furniture. There is something for every taste and purpose.